Dungeon Saga impressions

When I heard about the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter, I jumped right on board.  I am very enthusiastic for a board-game/rollplaying game hybrid being released.  I owned and played Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest and Warhammer Quest.  I love Heroquest and Warhammer Quest.  Heroquest does the dungeon crawl as a board-game perfectly and Warhammer Quest was a good board-game/rollplaying game hybrid.  It is by that standard I judged Dungeon Saga.

I am disappointed.  When I received the Adventurer’s Companion add on I expected it to contain the rules for making the base Dungeon Saga game into the roleplaying version.  That is how it was sold to us in the Kickstarter.

Quote: With these detailed sections added in, the Adventurer’s Companion becomes a truly monumental tome of role-playing goodness. 

It wasn’t a tome of role playing goodness.  The only things it added to the base game was to add character classes and races and to add levels for your characters.  There are no new stats or mechanics added to characters.  The base game character sheet and advanced character sheet are the same.  Exactly the same.

It was also promised that there would be lore included in the Adventurer’s Companion.  There is not.  The book is small and pointless feeling.  Compare it to Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book that came with Warhammer Quest.  The WQRPB book has 192 pages and does not contain the core rules.  The DSAC has  96 pages and contains a reprint of the core rules for the game as well.  On top of that the WQRPB feels full to the brim with info and stuff, while it feels like there is a lot of blank space and repeated information in the DSAC.  I am very disappointed.

The base game is fine if a bit boring but it is for it’s role playing aspect that I backed it.  There isn’t a role playing aspect, I wasted my money.

A New Home

Ashes.  She had burnt to the ground.  We spent so many years here and she is gone.  Gerhault’s Way was the first and finest place in town, and now she is gone.  It just tears at your heart.

My best friends were in there when she burnt.  Now they are gone too.  I’ll miss ya you grumpy old one eyed dwarf.  I’ll miss ya you old wanna be poet turned warrior.  You’ll never be forgotten.

I see a few companions staring at the rubble.  A lot of head shaking and a few tears.

One sees me and heads in my direction. “Rumor has it it was Gerhault’s children burnt it down themselves. Place was going down the crapper so they just burnt it down.”

“Ya, it’s their own fault, killed the menu and started serving nothing but beer and pretzels. They didn’t much care fore their customers.”

“Well time to head out.  Maybe see ya at the new place.  Good bye G W, we had some good times.”

“So, which new place you headed to? There is a few sprung up round here.”

“Well, a couple of the old fellas that helped Gerhault build this place have been Renton a joint not far from here.  I hear the foods a lot like it used to be here.”

“No pretzels?”

“No.  No damb pretzels.”

“Then let’s go.”